Betting but better?

So if you like a bet you might want to take a look into matched betting. Matched betting is the way in which you can make all bets risk free and make money nearly every time. It works from getting free bets from the bookie.

You know how you keep getting emails from the bookmakers saying have a £20 free bet when you bet £50 etc and you just delete them as you don’t want to bet £50. Well you could be locking in money on every one of these offers. It works by laying the qualifying £50 bet off at Betfair. That makes the bet risk free. You don’t win and you don’t lose but you end up with the £20 free bet for nothing. You can now bet this and have a chance at a big win completely free. You can even lock in around £18 of this free bet no matter the result. To do that you need to utilize some software available from vendors like oddsmonkey.

Oddsmonkey is a premium matched betting site that costs £17.99 a month to be a member. However with the information and software you get from them you will easily lock in a few hundred quid a month. So it is well worth the investment. They have a large membershiop base of like minded people all making great amounts of money every single month.

It’s particularly good for football fans as a lot of the free bet offers come on the football. The Premier League tends to see a lot of free bet offers. These offers are designed to keep you betting but there’s no law against us laying them off to get the free bets for nothing. We are sure the bookie isn’t a fan of this method but at the end of the day they are still getting what they want from you and that is you spending money with them. This is honestly an incredible way to make money every month. It’s great to do around your job and top up your wage. Making a few hundred pounds extra every month is no joke and you could start doing it today. Check out this review of oddsmonkey if you are interested. I highly recommend it.

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Touch Football – The Basics

New to touch football? Check out this video to get yourself acquainted with this fantastic sport!

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